Sort equipment by your style of play

Style There are no products in this category.


  • Offensive

    You can find equipment for offensive play in this group. If you keep your opponent under pressure with fast and powerful strokes this is your section.

  • Allround

    We recommend these equipment for allround players who play mixed style and use wide variety of strokes from sharp chops to topspins and win their points with controlled game.

  • Defensive

    We recommend equipment in this category for classic defensive players. If you are a chopper with inverted rubbers on both sides with sudden attacks this is your section.

  • Spinner

    If your game is based on much amount of spin and you win the points with heavy loops this is your category.

  • Pips player

    If you use pips on one side you can find equipment in this category. These blades support pips on one or both sides.

  • Pushblocker

    If you are a pushblocker style player using OX pips on one side from close distance we provide equipment in this section.

  • Modern defensive

    For modern defensive players who are able to attack and defense on both sides.

  • Hardbat

    If you play on hardbat tournaments this section is yours.