You can order your blade with customized handle in the following variations:

  1. If you need only a custom engraving onto the handle instead of the model name or in addition to the model name just tick "Special engraving" option.
  2. If you need special handle construction that exceeds custom engraving opt in "Customized handle". Please pay attention that we will put Palatinus metal tag since this is a mandatory element.

Any of the options above please write your preference and specification in few lines into the order form's customer note section. We prefer drawings in case of option 2 that should be sent to with your order reference number in the email's subject.

Special engraving sample.
We need the text and font and you also need to provide us what side you want us to engrave.

Engraving sample

Custom handle sample
We need full design: dimensions, material, text if the handle will be engraved