• OSP Immune Active professional defensive blade

OSP Immune Active professional defensive blade


We indroduce the first defensive blade of OSP series that is a result of 3 years of development focused on modern defensive play called Immune Active DEF. Besides the regular OSP control and feedback we built a special big head architecture to provide power for the strokes from mid distance and further but really annoying and flat balls from pips at the same time.

Head Size DEF

Since there are many style of playing defensive we provide our professional defensive table tennis blade called Immune with three different headsize and wider weight scale. Due to the blade’s expanded dimensions and weight it collaborates with long pips well and also offset the weight you lose by using light inverted rubbers. During designing Immune our main concept was to supply active defensive strategy. Its easy to hit flats or chops flying close to the net and get your opponent to make mistakes. You can safely avoid being attacked and easily switch from passive to active game. Meanwhile OSP Immune also good for stop-block style game from close to the table with generating floating ball. We designed different scale of handles for Immune. Different handle dimensions neutralize bigger head. The shape of these handles almost compel you play active defensive game.